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Uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems have consumable parts that will age with use. At some point during the period of its life a power protection device will alarm due to a service issue – the batteries may need replacing, the fans may have failed or the system developed a PCB fault.

Any of these circumstances will result in the product not being able to provide battery run time when the mains fails or protection from mains related power problems such as spikes and electrical noise, sags and surges.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

When did you last check the battery run time on your UPS? How long did they support the load for? When was the last time you arranged for your UPS to have a maintenance visit?

It is recommended that all UPSs are checked and serviced once a year. It’s not just the internal components of a UPS which require checking, the inside of a UPS also needs cleaning. Dust particles that build up inside the unit by air being drawn will need removing.

The more you rely on your power system the more you need it maintained. For a maintenance quotation please get in touch with our data centre experts.

Maintenance Plans

A UPS maintenance plan provides a guaranteed time response rather than best endeavours. Maintenance plan customers have priority call on service resources. 2bm provides three types of maintenance plan:

Silver – 12 working hour response

Gold – 8 working hour response

Platinum – Same day within 4 clock hours

Maintenance plans can be taken out for in-warranty and outside warranty systems, for all manufacturers’ UPS products.

Available maintenance plan features

Technical support hotline - working day and 24-7

UPS remote monitoring

Emergency call out response

Free on-site repair or swap-out

Free parts (excluding consumables)

Battery cover from the battery manufacturer

Planned battery replacement

Pro rata battery replacement

Battery testing

Load bank testing

Some of these are included as standard and some are optional. For more details please contact our team.

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