Periodic health and best practice audits

Architects of your data centre change

2bm can provide data centre and server room audits in line with corporate governance and industry best practice to ensure they operate efficiently, securely, safely and reliably.

2bm’s team of experts has the industry knowledge, skills and auditing capability for a wide range of International and British Standard accreditations, providing ongoing support to assist with meeting critical targets.

Our team also monitor and analyse performance metrics, such as power usage efficiency (PUE), to gauge the efficiency of your data center’s operations and identify areas where improvements can be made, crucial to the reliability and efficiency of every data centre or comms rooms.

These audits help reduce the chances of downtime and that infrastructure remains aligned with industry standards and evolving technology trends, and include:

• Physical security measures
• Power and backup systems
• Network Infrastructure
• Environmental controls
• Fire suppression systems
• Cable management
• Compliance with industry standards

EU Code of Conduct

As an endorser of the EU Code of Conduct, 2bm is recognised as an organisation that promotes the Code’s best practice. 2bm has been implementing best practice for many years and recognises the need to develop industry-wide guidelines for designers and operators.

The Code of Conduct can be used as a specific reference document for existing facilities as well as for the design of new facilities. With an unrivaled knowledge of the EUCoC, we can work with customers to bring them in line with the Code as well as become participants in the scheme.


2bm is a CEEDA approved partner, we’ve built CEEDA Gold facilities and we’re striving for excellence. As a data centre owner and operator wishing to engage consultants in design, build, retrofit oroperations, by leveraging CEEDA approved partners you will be able to ensure that your projects are compliant with the most up-to-date energy efficiency best practices and that you are maximising the value of your CAPEX by minimising your on-going energy-related OPEX.

We offer

Tailored audits and health checks

2bm knowledge of data centre systems and opportunities for change

CEEDA approved partner

Endorsers of the EU Code of conduct for data centres

Reporting and analysis

Trending and future proofing

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