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Clinical cleaning

Does your data centre have whiskers?

Modern-day computer equipment is increasingly sensitive to environmental conditions, with recent studies showing that 75% of storage and hardware failures are a result of factors in the environment. The research showed whilst temperature and humidity accounted for most, carbon and concrete dust, together with zinc whiskers were also highlighted as a key area of concern.

With simple things like dust and dirt having a major impact on your operation and ultimately the efficiency of your data centre; a regular schedule of preventative clinical cleaning is essential.

It’s possible to increase the lifespan of server equipment through proper cleaning procedures and improving air quality. The frequency of cleaning depends on the size and type of data centre.

2bm clinical cleaning service

All clinical cleaning is carried out by our dedicated and security vetted Clean Team, in line with the latest COSHH guidelines, and with the aim of creating and maintaining a dust-free environment.

We offer a dedicated clinical cleaning service that encompasses the following:

  • Initial audit to establish the extent of the problem and recommend a solution;
  • One-off deep clean;
  • Ongoing preventative cleaning.

Our services have been designed to work around the day to day operations of your data centre, meaning your business can run as usual.

We will also ensure that the temperature and airflow remain constant.

We offer

Monthly, quarterly or annual preventative maintenance programmes

Removal of mould, dust, pollen and other bacteria

Reduction in static electricity

Flooring, hardware and equipment maintenance

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