Mechanical & Electrical Projects

Leading the way in the critical arena

2bm leads the way in the mechanical and electrical elements of data centre design and build.

These include handling power protection services, technical cooling, diesel power generation, diverse and fault-tolerant power distribution solutions.

We are also experts in interactive power metering and sub-metering, mission-critical power distribution, power busbar systems, power distribution including that from UPS, DRUPS, bypass systems, in-rack power distribution and cable management.

In addition, we are market leaders in efficient and effective cooling solutions, recommending the best solutions within the cabinet, the row or the room, harnessing low-cost free cooling, chilled water, hybrid or DX solutions. Our capabilities will help you with design through to install, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

We are the turn-to company for cooling of data centres and high-performance computers and have a passion for fresh air-free and compressor-free cooling. We work towards low power usage and short return-on-investment cooling solutions.

We offer

Consultation, design, installation and maintenance

Electrical design, installation and testing

The most efficient power and cooling solutions

Elevated chilled water solutions

Adiabatic indirect free cooling

Computer room air-conditioning

In-row, on-rack and in-rack cooling

On-chip cooling

CFD airflow simulations

Real-time air flow management

Use of local weather data to accurately design the solution for the location

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Bringing you the latest innovative products, news and expert knowledge
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