High Performance Computing (HPC)

Achieving more, faster

High-performance computing (HPC) is key to solving large complex problems in science, engineering and business environments.

It requires a significant increase in rack density when compared to business-as-usual servers.

HPC is usually cooled through non-conventional means as it surpasses the effective cooling limit of the traditional underfloor DX airflow distribution.

It is commonly cooled through the use of rear door heat exchangers (RDHX) although there are many “alternative” solutions.

Some new HPC equipment is cooled via liquid to chip systems which distribute water to a heatsink installed directly onto the CPUs.

Total immersion solutions are a growing trend with many companies beginning to offer their own variants.

It is recommended that all UPSs are checked and serviced once a year to ensure that they work when required. It’s not just internal components of a UPS that require checking, the inside of a UPS also needs cleaning as dust particles can build up inside the unit.

Speak to one of our data centre specialists to find out more about UPS’s and UPS maintenance.

We offer

Deployment and integration of complete high performance computing facilities

Solutions to suit different servers

Guarantee that each solution meets the IT infrastructure requirement

Energy efficient cooling solutions for high density server deployments

Effective and resilient power distribution

Cooling solutions to grow with a company's HPC requirements and future expansion

Cooling to suit differing rack densities from 10 to 25kW and 22kW to 65kW

In-rack and on-rack cooling

Partnership with Iceotope whose technology allows for efficient cooling and total heat reclaim

Reusing heat from IT equipment for other applications

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