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2bm and DIRAK have been working together for over a decade to provide cutting-edge solutions for data centre security. Our in-house team has installed E-LINE handles in data centres worldwide.

Their flagship product, E-LINE, is a handle-centric locking mechanism which gives users complete control over who has access to the racks within a facility.

Offering far more than a standard key-lock, E-LINE can be easily integrated into existing security management systems or used alongside DIRAK’s Administration Suite.

Administration Suite Software
Software for effective logging and complete rack entry access monitoring. With the Administration Suite, you can manage, document and protect all access to racks, enabling you to have full control of your central locking plan and a high level of flexibility.

Benefits of E-LINE by DIRAK and the administration suite;

  • Ability to grant admission rights
  • Logs all events for complete audit control and security investigations
  • Wide range of options (time, days, organisations, etc) to control access to every rack
  • Real-time alerts can be forwarded to email addresses – enables checks for breaches in security i.e. if the door is locked but accidentally left open
  • Four-eyes capability – a requirement that two authorised people must be present
  • Automated programming – schedule the door to open at a certain time. Then if the door is left open over a certain length of time, an alarm can be set off
  • LEDs integrated – handle can be set to turn red if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold

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