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Most traditional style server rooms and data centres use similar server rack chassis.

They use 600mm or 800mm wide models with either 1000mm or 1200mm depth and varying from 40 to 52U in height.

Some manufacturers offer slightly different dimensions, each with their own merits.

A well planned server rack is the first piece in the data centre efficiency puzzle. Cabling requirements, direction and interconnects should be addressed in tandem with adjustable profiles to create an easily manageable and agile rack.

Around 80% as a minimum of racks come with front and rear mesh doors and a locking handle (unless you’re employing rear door cooling or a chimney based solution). This should read that front and rear doors come with a minimum of 80% airflow throughput

A huge consideration when making a decision on what type of rack to purchase is the type of cooling you employ. Blanking options, side panels, separators and brushes are a must with all types of cooling as they limit the mixing of air and make sure mechanical equipment is working as efficiently as possible. Ensuring that cable management within the rack enables free flow of hot air from the rear of the server without restriction is critical.

The considerations with power strips housed within a rack is the mounting location, orientation and cable distribution.

Often overlooked, the grouping of a mass of cables to the rear of the cabinet can have an effect on the airflow through the cabinet as well as affecting their own integrity due to the heat created by the servers.

Mapping out your future plans and potential for future growth is key for a successful installation.

We offer

Vast knowledge of server racks and their accessories

A deep understanding of the link between server, storage and network equipment and associated challenges

2bm designed SAR rack - a 1500mm wide cabinet developed with IBM and Minkels to maximise space, airflow and cabling paths

Expert delivery and installation of all cabinet projects

A successful installation history of over 10,000 cabinets

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