Power strips

Off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions

Power strips offer more than an ‘in-rack’ power source for rack-based equipment, they can also act as a launch pad for real-time remote power monitoring, environmental sensors and data centre infrastructure management.

Options include in-line, strip-level and socket-level monitoring, individually fused sockets, phase banking, sequential start-up and environmental modules and sensors. PDUs can be daisy-chained to best utilise network ports within an installation, as well a being configured as a ‘master’ connected up to 50 other PDUs as ‘slaves’.

2bm has developed intelligent power management solutions for both existing and new installations, providing a powerful management tool that allows data centres to monitor, measure, manage, collect and analyse information on power consumption.

From off-the-shelf models delivered in only a few days to PDU’s that are bespoke to meet the needs of your unique application. Armed with an understanding of your specific needs we can develop a solution unique to you.

  • Solutions from ServerTech, Raritan and IPower
  • Choice of finishes
  • 2-20+ socket outlets
  • Range of international and industrial plugs/socket outlets
  • RCD/MCB protected
  • Individually fused socket outlets
  • Horizontal/Vertical mountable (1U/2U/3U)
  • Kwh and current metering options
  • Rated up to 32A
  • Transient/surge and RFI protected

We offer

In-depth knowledge of multiple manufacturers in the industry

Off-the-shelf solutions

Bespoke, project-specific options

Advice based on your requirements and challenges

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Bringing you the latest innovative products, news and expert knowledge
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