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Server lifters

Variety of products available to purchase or hire

Server lifters are important from a health and safety perspective, enabling a user to safely move a piece of hardware reducing the risk of injury as well as providing greater protection for computer hardware.

Designed specifically to tackle the challenges of your typical data centre environment, the server lifters are available battery-powered or manual, which are available to rent or buy.

Easy to operate with smooth elevation and descent, they are designed to lift up to 205kg with minimum effort.

Portable and lightweight and built from aluminium and rigid steel the server lifter is ideal for confined spaces and narrow aisles.

With the motor, chain drive and batteries all housed inside a tamper-resistant casing, it is durable with a long-lasting life.

There are optional attachments for both which include platforms, cradles, reel grippers/ turners, reel mandrels, turntables and forks.

Our server lifters are available to rent or purchase.

If you require any more information on 2bm server lifters, please contact a member of our team.

We offer

Fifteen years’ experience in supplying server lifters

Well-researched products, used by clients across Europe

Variety of lifters, ranging from very basic manual to electronically-assisted with extendable server trays that can lift to 2.2m

A selection of models available to purchase or to hire from one day to a month

Bespoke options for challenging environments

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