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Power monitoring is a fundamental tool in the pursuit of total management of a data centre. It can be done at a number of points, depending on the granularity required. The closer to the rack mounted equipment, the more detailed the view of the facility.

Increasing power costs and the pressure to reduce carbon emissions is forcing the IT industry to reassess its approach to power management. Whilst traditional power distribution units (PDU) provide a reliable and cost effective solution for a safe, secure and reliable connection of power within a data centre, most offer little scope to proactively monitor power usage in an intelligent manner.

The 2bm iMeter is one device that has been designed very much with the data centre and comms room in mind. Its system architecture is simple to understand, quick to install and requires zero downtime!

The iMeter Management Software (iMS) is an extremely powerful data collection, analytical and reporting software suite which has been designed to enable IT and facilities personnel to manage power consumption in the data centre more efficiently.

If you do not measure, how can you possibly manage?

We offer

More than fifteen years’ experience in the field

Multiple power-monitoring options

Three-phase monitoring

Branch circuit monitoring

Retrofittable, non-intrusive monitoring with the 2bm iMeter

Extensive product knowledge

In-line metering

Non-intrusive in-line monitoring

Strip-level PDU monitoring

Socket-level PDU monitoring

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