Under-floor cooling

Cost-effective and risk-free

Traditional under-floor cooling is provided via dedicated computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units that blow conditioned supply air into an underfloor plenum. Depending on the aisle containment system, this is either ducted back or left as an open return.

A traditional 600x600mm raised access flooring panel is the most commonly used system. However, we offer a full range of raised floor solutions to suit all applications of cabling and cooling from standard and anti-static vinyl to perforated floor tiles (90% vented), to maximise the airflow with the least possible resistance.

We also offer a bespoke design service including raised floor brush grommets to limit the air loss at cable entry points.

With an increasing number of legacy facilities in the UK, 2bm can offer practical and cost-effective solutions to upgrade your computer-raised flooring.

We pride ourselves in using environmentally friendly products and our installation teams will ensure this is done with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

So whether it is the replacement of data centre floor tiles on an ad hoc basis or a total refurbishment of your existing surface, 2bm can advise which option is best for you.

We offer

Vast experience of under-floor cooling

Site surveys

Under-floor fans which maximise energy efficiency

Control strategies to ensure risk-free operations

Cost-effective cooling that is effective for a variety of densities up to 15kW/rack

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