Whilst 2021 has been an extremely challenging time for commerce, industry, education and health, it has also been a period of real progress for 2bm, with a record order book already secured for 2022.

Here are ten of our favourite projects we delivered in 2021:

1. Upgrade of 37 Comms Rooms with power and environmental monitoring using Sensorium integrated into the DC management for a Central Government Agency.
2. 650kW cooling upgrade using rear door cooling.
3. Rack security installed for a major US financial institution across Europe.
4. New IP PDU power strip project delivered to Central Government department.
5. Installation of structured cabling to major US logistics company within the new EMA hub.
6. Data centre consultation on cooling and power upgrades for major ISP.
7. Water cooling upgrade in Yorkshire just finished to main DC.
8. Installation of racks, power strips and aisle containment in Singapore.
9. Aisle containment, new IP PDU’s for major UK bank in Edinburgh.
10. Strip out and recycling of 100’s of racks and intelligent PDU’s for major UK retail bank.

Wishing all our clients, past, present and future a successful 2022!