After carrying out an airflow audit of a 55-rack data centre in one of the world’s leading universities, 2bm helped generate considerable fiscal savings through server room optimisation.

Following a simple process of cooling and airflow optimisation at a singular site – a 250m² data centre – 2bm was able to inform the university that their operating costs would be reduced by £11,000 per annum (an optimisation saving of 21%).

Following a further review of the current cooling design by our in-house M&E consultant, IT loads were assessed against the cooling design and 2bm was able to make additional optimisation recommendations, such as changing the fixed speed fans to variable speed fans to produce added savings.

The programme of works will deliver a return on investment within 18 months.

Optimising the airflow within the data centre on an annual basis, at the very minimum, is not only good practice but helps to reduce risk, release capacity and save energy. Increasing the room temperature to the higher limit of the ASHRAE guidelines, relocating floor grilles, relocating UPS batteries, upgrading cooling units and making changes to fans are all examples of small data centre changes that can be made to deliver significant cost-saving opportunities.

For more information on how data centre optimisation can save you money – whilst also reducing risk and saving energy – call 2bm and book an initial site assessment.