With increased temperatures during the warmer months, controlling the cooling within data centres and server rooms presents even greater challenges.

Combined with power, cooling is the life-support of the data centre and most facilities cannot run without it. It has a very large impact on the operational expenditure of the data centre and, if poorly maintained, can require serious capital spend.

2bm have recently received industry awards for their innovative cooling solutions, and are today recognised and trusted as the turn-to partner for expertise, quality, innovation, care and value. This includes a range of flexible, efficient cooling solutions which not only manage the environmental impact on a data centre or server room, but also help to optimise the performance of the equipment it contains.

Free cooling
Higher resilience and lower maintenance

Free cooling is the general description given to cooling systems which do not require mechanical/refrigeration-based technology and instead use the outside ambient as the cooling source.

It has the potential to provide extremely low pPUE values in combination with higher resilience, lower maintenance and overall lower total cost of ownership when compared to more mechanical-based traditional systems.

Rear door cooling
Perfect for high-density computing environments

Rear door cooling offers an ideal cooling solution for the data centre, server and computer room.

The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix either by its own velocity or pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted within the door; heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant. The resulting chilled air then passes back into the room at the predetermined room ambient temperature.

In-room, in-row, in-rack
multipurpose cooling for your data centre

In rack cooling is the most targeted data centre cooling currently available. This is achieved by using the rear door of the cabinet as a heat exchanger. Variable speed fans pull the exhaust air from the incumbent equipment over a water-filled coil fed via a central distribution unit. Heat is transferred from the air into the water, which in turn is carried away to the chilled water services. The subsequent chilled air is forced from the back of the door and into the server room back at ambient temperature.

Under-floor cooling
Cost-effective and risk-free

Traditional under-floor cooling is provided via dedicated computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units that blow conditioned supply air into an underfloor plenum. Depending on the aisle containment system, this is either ducted back or left as an open return.

Network switch cooling
Give your switches a chance to breathe

When a switch is mounted in the rear of a cabinet, the air intake is often exposed to elevated temperatures due to the heat from rear-discharging servers in the rack.

Network switch cooling systems are chassis units that sit underneath or above the switch, re-directing the cool air from the front of the rack to the rear without hot air contamination.

Liquid cooling
Rapid heat removal

Liquid cooling is a popular solution for rapid heat removal, due in part to its unmatched thermal performance. It is also the only solution that allows successful heat removal from critical spots in the modern-day computer with zero noise pollution levels!

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