2bm has completed the retrofit of cable entry points into data centres at a number of university research and education facilities around the UK.

In order to retain a facility’s integrity, 2bm utilised EZ-Path technology, a mechanical device that delivers fully compliant fire stopping for power and data cable management pathways as well as providing flexibility for cables to be added and removed as and when required.

Increased capacity, new equipment and replacement of obsolete equipment can mean that electrical and data cables need to be added and removed regularly. It’s important to remember this when planning passive fire protection, as doing this at a later date will mean drilling and cutting of walls and floors and therefore loss of fire resistance during and after works.

Offering a solution for passive fire protection through walls and floors where electrical and data cables have been installed, the factory-fitted intumescent lining, reacts to either flame or heat (at 177oC) by expanding by 800% in size, closing the pathway.

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