Whilst the nation may be facing restrictions and lockdowns, the data centre industry can never pause what it is doing.

So whether our clients are involved in finance, food, broadcasting, health, transport, water, government, education, energy or the emergency services, it is important 2bm continues to operate 24/7 in support of critical infrastructure.

Bailey Walker, 2bm Maintenance Manager, commented: “Our role goes far beyond the design and build of data centres.”

“Data centre managers up and down the country know that with 2bm they have the backup and support from experts who know what they are doing.”

The people, systems, networks, technology, equipment, information and data these facilities contain have become the lifeblood of almost every person, every business and every industry – whether they are located regionally, nationally or globally.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of taking advice from the experts to ensure the long-term viability of critical infrastructure is retained,” added Bailey.