Hi, I’m Olly, head of happiness at 2bm.

I started at 2bm when I was 8 weeks old with tummy tickles and have moved on to general duties including filing (my toys and bones) and environmental management (inspecting trees and grassed areas).

I was attacked by another dog when I was 14 weeks old and had to have my spleen removed, but 2bm kindly gave me 2 weeks off to recover and lots of attention.

I’m a working Cocker and, as the name implies, bred as a working gundog capable of staying out all day in the shooting field.

I currently only work in the office but have now enrolled in gundog training classes as I feel I need to exercise my brain as well as my body. I don’t really see myself becoming a full-time gundog, because I enjoy relaxing too much!

I’m now 14 months old and currently working three days a week, as work can be tiring. My contract states that I must behave myself, which can be challenging especially when I get excited when visitors arrive and at lunchtime because of all the yummy food smells.

I love my job as I do get a lot of attention! I act funny for my co-workers as they seem to like this and sometimes laugh, and I act cute for any lady visitors so I can get extra tummy rubs!