2bm has been experiencing increased demand for its innovative micro data centre.

The micro data centre – which provides a low-cost, fully configurable, scalable, and fast to deliver solution – is suitable for various commercial environments, including warehousing and office space.

The micro data centre is a small, self-contained version of 2bm’s award-winning data centres, about the size of a large fridge. Usually, it incorporates most of the same components such as cooling, connectivity, power, networking and hardware.

One recent example of the benefits offered by a 2bm micro data centre, is perfectly illustrated in a project for a client operating in the healthcare industry.
The client wanted to deploy a data centre within their manufacturing facility, in order to reduce latency and handle the large volumes of data required to run an assembly line for the manufacturing of a range of pharmaceutical products.

The micro data centre project, which went from design to installation within a month, exceeded the client’s expectations who commented: “The 2bm team have always delivered on their promises and this project was no different, undertaking the seamless installation and commissioning of high-quality edge computing, on time and on budget.”