It is estimated that by 2025 data centres will consume 20% of the world’s power supply. Most of this energy will be used to power the servers, which in turn produce heat and therefore need to be cooled.

With no predicted price cap likely to be applied to commercial tariffs as they reach unprecedented levels, the focus on energy-efficient data centres has taken on even greater importance.

However, one benefit the rise in energy tariffs has brought is a significant reduction in the ROI period on the CapEx invested, in particular for the upgrade of legacy data centres.

Neil Roberts, Sales Director at 2bm, commented: “The ongoing price increases in energy are having a major impact on every organisation, with one customer of ours telling us that their energy costs had risen from 18p per kWh to over £1.20”.

“Due to the spiralling costs of energy, we strongly recommend that any quotes received over the last 3-4 years for cooling or UPS upgrades are revisited as the period for ROI has reduced from 5-7 years to as little as 1-2 years,” added Neil.

To help reduce a data centre’s carbon footprint, 2bm’s design and build experts combine innovation and technology to reduce an organisation’s emissions further as the UK moves towards greener, more environmental solutions.

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