Blackout tests are something that we highly recommend to all of our customers to expose any potential contingency vulnerabilities.

Power outages in your data centre can be caused by a range of factors, including natural disasters and human error. More importantly, they can often result in a break in service, damage to equipment and significant monetary loss.

The thought of a blackout occurring particularly during a critical moment is naturally alarming, so actively simulating a power failure is a decision which isn’t taken lightly.
Despite this, performing a blackout test really is a vital process of preventative maintenance. Mechanical breakers need testing on a regular basis and testing generators, even on a monthly basis, off-load unfortunately does not go far enough.

Blackout testing in a facility is offered as part of 2bm’s on-going maintenance package, to ensure the generator performs in the event of a power failure.

Many customers perform their blackout tests during their most busy and therefore critical periods to get the most accurate representation of their potential risk.

Don’t wait until the unexpected blackout occurs before you take action, contact us to book a visit and ensure your company’s reputation is protected.