As our world is becoming more and more reliant on Cloud-based services, the need for data storage and processing is continuing to grow, at a rapid rate.

As reported in BBC’s Panorama programme ‘Is the Cloud damaging the planet?’ data centres consume a significant amount of power for cooling the IT equipment. This makes the reduction of data centre energy consumption of the utmost importance.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) provides our industry with a metric to determine the power efficiency of a data centre and also indicates how much of a data centre’s total power usage is applied to the IT active equipment.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has become the focal point in data centre design.

To achieve a lower PUE requires a calculated balance of innovative methods and technologies. This is done by first finding the balance between the usage of mechanical or free cooling solutions to offset power and water consumption.

At 2BM we offer solutions for power distribution, energy storage, and HVAC cooling design and implementation, that support a reliably high uptime and drive down power usage effectiveness.

Stuart Everitt, 2bm’s Design & Build Manager, commented: “As we move towards a greener world, lowering power usage with more efficient equipment, reusing the energy consumed, and cutting energy costs in any data centre are now a priority.”

“Improving Power Usage Effectiveness usually depends less on the active equipment but more on the cooling systems themselves. Choosing the right cooling solution will depend on the site size, location and data centre design,” he added.

For more information contact 2bm’s experienced data centre team who will help you improve and install solutions that protect your computing equipment, improve PUE and prevent expensive downtime.