The expertise of a high-tech Nottinghamshire company has been key in helping to save lives and improve health in west Africa.

2bm designed, built and shipped a modular data centre for the Medical Research Council unit in The Gambia which is fighting the tide of neonatal deaths and outbreaks of killer diseases such as meningitis.

The MRC Gambia unit is only one of two in sub-Saharan Africa carrying out world-leading research and also trains hundreds of medical students from across the continent.

However, it needed processing power on site and resilient data storage to help it develop vaccines more quickly in a country where energy is expensive and unreliable.

That is where Chilwell-based 2bm stepped in, to provide one of west Africa’s most efficient and robust data centres which was designed and built by the company’s experts in the UK.

The data centre needed be unaffected by the high temperatures and humidity of The Gambia so the 2bm team designed an innovative cooling system.

It was shipped to The Gambia and transported from port for 15 miles across incomplete highways before a 2bm team completed final installation near Banjul.

2bm’s team took less than ten days to complete the project after arrival in The Gambia, meaning the whole project had taken just 12 weeks.

Managing director, Mark King, said: “The contract has given the 2bm team enormous satisfaction because it will directly help people in a developing country.
“We have a great relationship with the Medical Research Council and are delighted to have built a pre-configured data centre upon which its scientists will be able to rely.”

Badou Gaye, head of IT at the research council unit in The Gambia, said: “2bm staff showed great professionalism, conduct and understanding of all components of a data centre and implemented this project taking into consideration our unique environmental factors with great energy efficiency and automated environmental monitoring system.
“The project management skills demonstrated by 2bm were quite extraordinary. Within 12 weeks from the time we gave the go-ahead, 2bm worked with us to design, build, test and commission a data centre which met all our needs.”