For the second time in a week, 2bm has received recognition for its work in the design and build of a data centre, this time at the 2022 DCS Awards in London.

The DCS Awards recognise the achievements of product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in the data centre arena and incorporate both facilities and information technology spanning the whole of Europe.

2bm received its ‘Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year’ award for a project designed and built for Yorkshire Water – a project which had to be delivered in an intensive live working environment with zero downtime to an aggressive schedule.

In receiving the award, Neil Roberts, 2bm’s Sales Director, commented: “Whilst we are delighted to receive industry recognition for the quality and innovation of our work, it is the positive impact on our clients’ business providing increased uptime and improved opex that matters most.
“In Yorkshire Water’s case, they have benefited in several ways, maintaining their lower operational running costs, embracing the benefits that come with using the very latest technology, and energy savings versus traditional DX solutions.
“By utilising 2bm’s compressor-free design and working to ASHRAE guidelines for new and legacy equipment, means Yorkshire Water can apply for CEEDA accreditation – keeping it in line with the organisation’s wider environmental strategy and policies,” added Neil.

  • The solution, which was created with future expansion in mind, means the data centre can now operate on the new cooling system 100% of the year without the need for any compressor-based cooling and has been designed to:
  • Provide a highly resilient cooling system within a controlled environment;
  • Deliver a low PUE via an indirect free-cooling compressor-free and refrigerant-free solution;
  • Provide increased energy efficiency and equipment reliability;
  • Support an IT load of 150 kW for the current day one requirement;
  • Allow for modular expansion as the site load grows to the site design maximum of 330 kW IT loading (+100% increase on their current loading in line with CEEDA principals).

A representative from Yorkshire Water commented: “This project was completed within our live critical facility, 2bm provided a solution and installation philosophy that allowed the equipment to be installed within the data centre with no risk or disruption to the site’s day-to-day operation or existing cooling infrastructure. This resulted in a seamless changeover between systems.”

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