Here at 2bm, we are constantly working to decrease the environmental impact of our work. As Investors in the Environment (iiE) Green Award recipients each year since 2015, we are delighted to announce that 2bm are winners once again in 2018.

In order to achieve the Green Award, businesses must have an environmental policy that commits to legal compliance, along with a designated member of staff known as a Green Champion. Businesses must also measure at least 6 different resources on a monthly basis, including Gas, Electricity and Water, produce a carbon footprint analysis and set annual reduction targets of at least 2%.

2bm have met or exceeded 96% of the criteria required to qualify for the 2018 Green Award. Calculating resource usage from 2012/13 as a baseline figure, we have aimed to reduce this by 2% in every year since. This objective has been met and exceeded in the following areas:

Electricity (27%)
Water (71%)
General Waste (31%)
Recycled Waste (61%)
Paper (44%)
Travel (5%)
Carbon (35%)

These savings have been achieved through various actions such as switching to a paperless office, removing unnecessary equipment from the office kitchen including a kettle and dishwasher, investing in energy-efficient office equipment, car sharing and better journey planning.

2bm have also taken part in several community projects such as bike rides and have contributed towards better health care provision in the Gambia via the installation of a portable data centre. Each of these actions have helped to reduce our overall Carbon Footprint by 30tCO 2 each year following 2012/13.

The awards ceremony took place at the Riverside Gallery on Tuesday 17th July and 2bm were represented at the event by our very own Luke Radford.