More and more businesses are reaching out to 2bm to provide their data centre solutions because we are vendor-neutral and, like ourselves, our suppliers are global operators – shipping plant and equipment to even ‘the most difficult to reach’ places.

To date, as well as delivering projects across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, we also work in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, The Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, India, USA, West Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Commenting on this growing presence around the world, Mark King, Managing Director at 2bm Limited, commented: “When it comes to the design and build of data centres and comms rooms, we are now recognised and trusted as the turn-to global partner for expertise, quality, innovation, care and value.”

“There are five core disciplines that businesses need in order to succeed when working abroad. They are the ability to communicate, resilience and adaptability, collaboration, creativity and self-awareness,” added Mark.

If you would like to know more, contact us to speak to one of our data centre team experts.