British officials have put key UK suppliers on a fast track to win £400m of business building and running data centres for government offices and public bodies.

A public procurement body, YPO, has set up a framework agreement under European law that gives 2bm the right to do quick deals with public bodies, circumventing complex and arduous EU rules.

A spokesperson for YPO said: “This is a new framework and different from any other compliant route to market.”

“There are providers in this market, but the data centre offering is limited, especially for the wider public sector,” they added.

Thirteen local government administrations in the North of England have a stake in YPO, a procurement office that grew out of government administrative offices in Yorkshire, but today operates nationwide.

Mark King, Managing Director at 2bm, commented: “The arrangement is not meant to be exclusive, but we’re delighted that YPO have appointed 2bm as one of just nine suppliers in the UK to build public sector data centres.”

“The good news is the arrangement covers the whole computing supply chain, from consulting, designing, building and operating data centres, to networks, security, disaster recovery and support services,” added Mark.