2bm’s data centre design ethos focuses on using proven technologies within our award-winning solutions, resulting in a low OpEx by reducing both mechanical and electrical power consumption.

As well as meeting a client’s key objectives for a resilient, reliable and high-quality facility for critical equipment, 2bm also considers ways to contribute to the sustainable development of the local environment, economy and community in which a facility is located.

The solution for the Cooling Innovation award-winning project, designed with future expansion in mind, had to be delivered in an intensive live working environment with zero downtime to an aggressive schedule.

Neil Roberts, 2bm’s Sales Director, commented: “The client has benefited in several ways, such as maintaining their lower operational running costs, embracing the benefits that come with using the latest technology, and energy savings versus traditional DX solutions.”

By incorporating a closed-circuit cooling solution, 2bm’s client is now able to better maintain an optimum operating environment, compared to the existing system.

In line with the Data Centre Anti-Contamination Guide (2022 edition), which highlights all the anti-contaminants affecting IT equipment, Yorkshire Water now monitors and manages their infrastructure air quality to ISO 14644-1:2015 in line with Class 8, the now expected level according to the EU Code of Conduct.

Neil said: “By utilising a compressor-free design and working to ASHRAE guidelines for new and legacy equipment, the organisation can apply for CEEDA accreditation – keeping it in line with the client’s wider environmental strategy and policies.”

“The upgraded equipment was installed and configured to the existing data centre monitoring software, alerting the IT team day or night of any issues within the facility,” added Neil.