As an alternative to creating a dedicated data or comms room, a Micro Data Centre (MDC) or acoustic cabinet allows servers and network equipment to be deployed in the middle of a working environment.

An MDC requires less than 1m² of office/floor space, allowing localised on-premise computing in even the most populated or sensitive locations. This is particularly useful in offices, classrooms, hospital wards, production lines, libraries and showrooms or when there’s a concern about server noise being a distraction or breaching EEC working noise guidelines.

The simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE-3 solution is supplied pre-configured with built-in intelligence and an energy-efficient air cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

Benefits overview of a micro data centre include:
Cost effective and green – lower running costs and minimal investment
• Innovative air-flow design – for effective thermal dissipation of 11.5kW
Soundproof – reduces equipment noise up to 99.9% of IT noise
Lockable security features – to control access
Easy to deploy – just plug and go
Expandable – when you need extra capacity just add another EDGE-3
Portable – easy to relocate to another room or building

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