Few organisations have the luxury of tearing down their existing data centre and building a new one from scratch.

The great news is several steps can be taken to improve the performance within your data centre to maximise efficiency – from considering how the air comes into the data centre to how it is cooled, how racks are arranged and where cables are run.

Before any investment is made, organisations must understand the current levels of performance. Adopting data centre power monitoring is essential to this and can now be implemented without a complete re-fit whilst allowing normal, uninterrupted IT operations. This will provide a baseline upon which incremental changes to design and investment in new technologies can be measured.

Here are some services and products which could help improve the performance within your existing data centre:

  • Upgrades & Expansion
    Refreshing or upgrading an existing data centre can be a cost-efficient way of improving the overall reliability and capacity of an existing site. Improvements to cooling and electrical infrastructure can increase availability and have huge impacts on running costs and potential future maintenance requirements.
  • Aisle containment
    Data centre aisle containment has completely changed the way IT facilities are designed and operated. Hot and cold aisle arrangement is essential to the composition of any efficient data centre as it separates hot and cold air within a data centre/server room using a variety of different methods, ensuring the cold air is not mixed with the hot air, reducing hot spots.
  • Room Optimisation & Density Efficiency
    By finding and highlighting issues, plans can be formed to make improvements that can result in higher cooling efficiencies, released capacity and better resilience.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades
    Mechanical and electrical upgrades are needed when plant equipment comes to the end of its life or to ensure the best use is made of new technologies. If new technology becomes available and has an attractive payback period, this should be considered as a way of reducing future expenditure and improving efficiency.
  • Structured cabling
    Optimised data cabling offers an excellent opportunity for faster and more streamlined connectivity for storage, apps, servers and desktops.
  • Lighting
    LED lighting is a more efficient option than fluorescent lighting in data centres as it reduces energy consumption, is low cost whilst improving operations.
  • Clinical cleaning
    With simple things like dust and dirt having a major impact on their operation and ultimately the efficiency of your data centre; a regular schedule of preventative clinical cleaning is essential. It’s possible to increase the lifespan of server equipment through proper cleaning procedures and improving air quality.

2bm has designed and built data centres that have since been awarded accolades for the energy-efficient measures taken. These awards include: The Green Data Centre and two CEEDA Gold Awards for surpassing expectations in energy efficiency.

Services offered by 2bm are data centre consultancy and upgrades and expansion. Involving an in-depth audit of your facility, with written recommendations to increase energy efficiency and minimise costs moving forward.

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