2bm has been at the forefront of server lifter technology for almost two decades having supplied 100s of lifters to all types and sizes of data centres – this experience is reflected in every aspect and feature of our server lifters:
> Compact and highly manoeuvrable
> Ergonomic and safe
> Reduce the risk of injury
> Intuitive operation
> Reliable with a 2-year warranty
> Adaptable and customisable
> Exceptionally lightweight
> Auto cut-off feature

The belt drive lifter mechanism is both robust yet quiet with dual speeds, which enables the operator to be extremely accurate when positioning the server lifter. The separate battery charger, which takes just four hours to complete a full charge, provides up to 100 complete lift cycles.

Our server lifters are virtually maintenance-free and ultra-reliable

Our super compact server lifters are all health and safety compliant and have a choice of either four smooth-running swivel wheels or two fixed and two swivel wheels – all server lifter options also include two total-stop brakes.

The wheels, which are generally non-marking with rubber rims and stainless steel bearings, provide effortless manoeuvrability within the data centre which means they can be operated in the narrowest aisles and tightest corners.

Server lifters are available with rechargeable battery power or manual operation. All battery-powered server lifter models include both an overload protection and trap protection.

Designed specifically for your bespoke application, our server lifters are extremely lightweight with a lift height range suitable for the lowest and highest cabinet runners.

The platforms fit perfectly inside the cabinet and aid the transfer of the server into the cabinet with optional attachments which include platforms, cradles, reel grippers/ turners, reel mandrels, turntables and forks. Other product benefits include:
> Max. load 60 – 250Kg
> Lift travel in excess of 2.5m
> Highly compact size
> Belt driven
> Long battery life
> Proven reliability
> 100s of lifters supplied over 20 years!

Our server lifters are available to rent or purchase.

If you require any more information on 2bm server lifters, please contact a member of our team.