Hot and cold aisle arrangement is essential to the composition of any efficient data centre. With many data centres struggling to accommodate an increasing amount of servers in a limited amount of space, the risk of IT equipment failure due to overheating poses a very real and expensive problem. Containment ensures the cold air is not mixed with the hot air and hot spots are reduced.

With 75% of server failures occurring in the top third of racks, thanks to the fluctuating temperatures (upwards of eight degrees in many cases), Hot and Cold Aisle separation is now widely regarded as one way of the most efficient ways to address the issue of increasing temperatures within data centres. The decision between the type of containment solution employed: Hot or Cold, within the data centre is ultimately made dependent on the size of the room, the number of cabinets, and the orientation of cooling and heat load amongst other things.

Benefits to Aisle Containment can be experienced from day one:

  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Increased space utilisation/rack densities
  • Payback inside two years

Both Hot and Cold Aisle Containment can be easily retrofitted to existing installations and offer speedy payback.

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