If you are looking to design and build a new data centre or upgrade an existing one, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge with an unrivalled range of products and support services.

We understand data centres and computer rooms, which ensures that with every step forward your business takes with 2bm, your productivity will follow too.

As well as delivering projects that incorporate the very latest and best data centre designs across a wide range of industry sectors, we focus on a number of key areas including energy efficiency and redundancy as well as cost-effectiveness.

Whilst our ethos is founded on innovation, we never lose sight of the need to maximise the space and efficiency of every data centre. No matter how large or small, our design and build team always consider a range of creative concepts in arriving at the right solution.

At 2bm, whether individually or as part of a team, we always remain true to our ethical values, never ducking our responsibilities. Demonstrating positive, creative and supportive team ethics at all times ensures we can turn our visions into reality.

Our mission remains the bedrock of all that we do at 2bm, and not only declares our purpose as a company but serves as the standard from which we never deviate.

Namely, to always create the very best data centre and computer room solutions, whilst at the same time inspiring our clients to have a positive impact on both their immediate and wider environments.

As a business, we are a very effective, efficient and fast-moving organisation. Our success, however, comes on the back of our willingness to challenge traditional thinking and innovate wherever possible.

This enables us to bring to the marketplace a portfolio of solutions which will suit most scenarios and, if we can’t provide one, we very quickly develop further solutions as and when the needs arise.

2bm very much believe in nurturing a like-minded network of go-ahead and reliable customers and suppliers, in order that we all achieve our goals collaboratively.

We do this in a variety of ways. Firstly, we make a difference by helping and supporting sustainable businesses. Secondly, we maximise long-term returns while being aware of our overall responsibilities. Finally, whilst ensuring we make ‘excellence’ a habit, we still offer you the best possible value.