If you are looking to design and build a new data centre or upgrade an existing one, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge with an unrivalled range of products and support services.

We understand data centres and computer rooms, which ensures that with every step forward your business takes with 2bm, your productivity will follow too. As well as delivering projects that incorporate the very latest and best data centre designs across a wide range of industry sectors, we focus on a number of key areas including security, IOT, cooling, edge computing and industry 4.0. Whilst our ethos is founded on innovation, we never lose sight of the need to maximise the space and efficiency of every data centre.

No matter how large or small, our design and build team always consider a range of creative concepts in arriving at the right solution.

Construction & room layout
The first step is to create an enclosure that is ‘fit for purpose’. Whether it is a new build or a ‘room in room’ upgrade of existing space, we can provide you with the basic fabric work to construct a resilient, space and energy-efficient enclosure with appropriate secure access. Modular solutions are available.

Airflow management
We are able to advise on the very latest thoughts on airflow management including Close control CRAC unit, free cooling solutions, smart small room CRAC solutions, humidity control, heat recovery fresh air and fire suppression extract systems.

We offer a wide range of connectivity cabling (Copper, Cat 5, Cat Se, Cat 6, Cat Ga, 10G, Fibre) that is factory tested and comes with a termination of your choice. We strip and remove old existing cabling as well as supply and install new, then test and guarantee.

Electrical supply & distribution
2bm leads the way in the mechanical and electrical elements of data centre design and build. A resilient power solution is integral to the efficient running of your facility. Our team of experts will ensure appropriate main supplies including diverse route and appropriate distribution within your room. Whether it is the supply a single UPS solution, N+1 UPS and resilient power distribution or standby generators of all sizes, we are able to talk you through the options available working to the very latest standards including BWIC (Building Work in Connection).

Fire detection & suppression
We offer a full range of Fire detection & suppression services that include: Double knock and VESDA fire detection, inert and chemical gas fire suppression, water mist fire suppression and post-release gas extraction. Intelligent power monitoring One of our core principles is the integration of intelligent power management solutions to help IT & Facilities Personnel easily monitor data centre energy usage for analysis. Energy-saving options can then be reviewed and implemented to maximise data centre efficiency.

Access & security
When it comes to protecting and extending the life of a data centre, monitoring and security go hand in hand. Whether it is access to your room or to your racks, we can provide you with a fully auditable access trial including the very latest access control anti-tailgating software to ensure your facility’s integrity.

Clinical cleaning & ongoing maintenance
Data centre clinical cleaning involves the removal of dust particles, static and other contaminants from the room environment, with all areas (including sub-floor), being treated with anti-static solutions.

Modern-day computer equipment is increasingly sensitive to environmental conditions. Our dedicated and security vetted ‘Clean Team’ is able to offer both one-off ‘Deep Clean’ and ongoing preventative work to avoid any build-up, working in line with the latest COSHH guidelines.

Racks and associated infrastructure

The importance of utilising the correct cabinets/racks can easily be overlooked. Specifications are very rarely the same and, therefore, the requirement is unique to the client. Best usage of space within the cabinet, allowance for future equipment sizes and specifications, cabling demands, routing and security requirements are all considerations.

At 2bm we consider the cabinet as a core component of the data centre design and not just a commodity purchase. We understand how best to utilise racks within data centres and this is reflected in the growing number of companies who have chosen to partner with us for their cabinet solution. These include the likes of Capgemini, IBM and RBS who we are proud to partner with, providing many solutions to deliver real benefits to their respective business.

Project management
From a small one rack computer room to a five hundred rack data centre, we adopt the same approach, priding ourselves on our ability to deliver to time and budget, whilst always advising you on best practice, delivered through a simple four-stage process. Our dedicated project manager will keep you up to speed throughout the project and ensure the least possible disruption to your day to day operation.

Why choose 2bm
Our fully managed service brings together;

  • A range of high-quality server and network secure racks
  • Leading-edge power strips and uninterruptible power supplies
  • Our user-friendly Sensorium software and associated monitoring devices
  • In-room and rack security
  • In-house installation service
  • Strategic partnerships with all manufacturers
  • Benefits of a truly integrated solution
  • Team of trained engineers with extensive experience
  • Critical infrastructure maintenance
  • Data centre and cabinet lighting
  • Clinical cleaning, service and maintenance
  • Environmental and power monitoring

Would you like to know more? Contact us to speak to a member of our team or to arrange a site survey.