Not many companies can afford to completely replace their existing data centre, so sometimes, updating your existing data centre can be an alternative solution.

Adopting data centre power monitoring is essential to this and can now be implemented without a complete re-fit and whilst allowing normal, uninterrupted IT operations. This will provide a baseline upon which incremental changes to design and investment in new technologies can be measured.

Below are 8 improvements you could make to your existing data centre to make it more efficient:

  1. Air Management
    Investing in blanking panels minimises air leakage through empty space within racks and reduces cooling loads by minimising recirculation.
  2. Aisle Containment
    Benefits to Aisle Containment can be experienced from day one, from reduced cooling costs significantly, increased space utilisation/rack densities as well as greatly reduced data centre carbon footprint.
  3. Free Cooling
    Install indirect or direct free cooling. It could save you as much as 90% compared to traditional cooling costs.
  4. Temperature Management
    Increase the room (or cold aisle) temperature to between 24 C and 27 C. Understanding of this is now becoming more widespread; however, too many data centre managers still think that their room should be set at a temperature of below 19 C.
    At 2bm we specialise in the supply of a range of innovative solutions aimed at helping Data Centre Managers protect their IT environments because we believe that environmental monitoring is a must for all data centre/comms rooms.
  5. Power Management
    Power monitoring is a fundamental tool in the pursuit of total management of a data centre. It can be done at a number of points, depending on the granularity required. The closer to the rack-mounted equipment, the more detailed the view of the facility. The 2bm iMeter is one device that has been designed very much with the data centre and comms room in mind. Its system architecture is simple to understand, quick to install and requires zero downtime! The iMeter Management Software (iMS) is an extremely powerful data collection, analytical and reporting software suite which has been designed to enable IT and facilities personnel to manage power consumption in the data centre more efficiently. If you do not measure, how can you possibly manage?
  6. UPS Systems
    UPS system supplies power to critical IT equipment in the event of a mains power failure. New models of UPS are generally more efficient in online mode with output power factors of 0.9 and in some cases 1. UPS provide clean, regulated and continual power to IT equipment. But UPS systems are about more than power protection. It’s about business continuity and your reputation in addition to prolonging the life and performance of expensive computer equipment.
  7. Lighting
    Instantly improve a data centre’s operations by using low-cost, energy-efficient data centres and cabinet LED lighting. A more efficient option than fluorescent lighting, LED lighting reduces energy consumption, is low cost whilst improving operations. An energy-efficient data centre light aids the installation of equipment in server and network racks by increasing lux levels in a specific cabinet or area.
  8. Virtualisation
    Replace legacy servers and storage with new high-efficiency equipment; for example, leverage virtualisation to maximise the performance of the equipment you already have.

2bm has designed and built data centres that have since been awarded accolades for the energy-efficient measures taken. These awards include: The Green Data Centre and two CEEDA Gold Awards for surpassing expectations in energy efficiency. We can examine current space, power and cooling utilisation, redundancy and risk awareness. Our experts also provide ongoing reviews of the data centre operation, with periodic amendments to suit the room load.

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