Securing a multi-client environment


Security is a fundamental component of Capgemini’s data centre service delivery and protecting the company’s reputation from potential threats is taken very seriously.

The adoption of Dirak Rack Security provides Capgemini, along with the other measures taken at the sites, the right level of protection to deliver the Intrusion Level 3, 4 & 5 required by government services which are a significant part of Capgemini’s revenue stream.


With clients including the government, banks and police authorities demanding Intrusion Level 3, 4 and even 5 for anti-terrorism systems, excellent security is an essential component of Capgemini’s Data Centre solution.

To prevent unauthorised access and criminal activity, the requirement is for both physical and virtual security. A key concern is the risk of individuals gaining physical access to servers to plug in devices that could deliver viruses or use USB connected computers to hack into services.

As a result, within multi-client environments there is now a strong move away from the standard rack key to a network access security model. Capgemini needed a robust method of imposing physical separation by locking down access to the racks.


Many of Capgemini’s clients want to be able to control server access remotely by integrating rack security with the change management processes to ensure both real time visibility of server access and a full audit trail.

As Kevin Read, Head of UK Data Centre Services, Capgemini, explains, “Multiclient sites can be complex and difficult to manage. A rack security solution must be secure, remotely managed, individually tailored to each client’s requirements and meet the appropriate accreditation to be a compliant supplier of managed IT services.”


2BM has implemented Dirak network accessed rack security at Capgemini’s key UK data centres, Merlin, Toltec and London City. Approved by the Metropolitan Police to meet accreditation levels required to manage anti-terrorist IT equipment, the Dirak system interface is monitored by security at reception and provides real time knowledge that the racks are fully secured at all times.

Rack doors can be opened remotely on request for a defined time to enable an engineer to be escorted to a rack; and Dirak will alert security if a rack door is opened. This prompts the security guard to check via internal CCTV that the rack access matches the event documented in change control.

Kevin says, “2BM installed the rack systems without issues and the after sales support is excellent at all times. The product installations have been commended by clients and the cabling connections to the network have been faultless.”

Security guards are watching over the racks 24ll/365, armed with the tools to prevent unauthorised access. By integrating Dirak with change control, Capgemini has created an effi cient process to enable third parties and technical staff to enter the site while protecting client security.

Kevin confirms, “Being able to manage hundreds of racks remotely, knowing they are locked and secure, reduces the costs of escorting and reduces the need for security guards to patrol and check doors.”


2bm has been instrumental in the success of the adoption of Dirak, making sure it is compliant with Capgemini’s business requirements. The entire system is fully supported and managed.

Kevin Read - Head of Data Centre Services, Capgemini

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