A boundary-pushing new data centre for an industry-leading UK
food business

Avara Foods

Avara Foods was set up in 2018 by leading sector companies Faccenda and Cargill which have delivered quality fresh and convenience food to the UK market for more than six decades.

The Brackley-based operation was being expanded and a key element was the creation of a data centre in a new location. This helped improve the overall efficiency of the estate.


Following 2bm’s successful delivery of a disaster recovery server room previously, the client turned to us again to build a new data centre. 

The project had to be completed to a Christmas deadline within live operating conditions, adjacent a busy office environment only a few metres from the new room.

Avara Foods needed to build a data centre in the corner of its large open-plan office.

The specified area was already the base of the IT team and they had to continue their day-to-day work while building took place without disruption.


2bm was set the task of creating a high-tech and resilient data centre solution without taking up unnecessary space in the office environment.

A practical completion date of December 23 was set as it was critical that the networks team could move their equipment straight into the new data centre upon their return to work in the New Year.

2bm’s experts were faced with significant challenges in terms of cooling and power. There were not the usual floor voids to allow traditional cooling methods to be deployed.

The data centre could work to peak efficiency after build for low loads but the area was also created to allow for expansion.


  • 2bm’s team designed and delivered a scalable in-rack cooling solution perfectly tuned to the day-one requirements of Avara Foods;
  • In-rack cooling allowed for the correct airflow in the room and minimal footprint;
  • High-efficiency standalone UPS system was installed;
  • Dual power supplies to each rack to provide redundant A and B stream power;
  • 47U racks to allow additional server installation and provide maximum service space;
  • Fully redundant N+1 in-rack cooling units to provide up to 6 kW per rack;
  • LED lighting to provide maximum efficiency;
  • Cooling power technologies similar to those installed at the disaster recovery site to provide continuity across the estate;
  • Modular anti-static flooring covering;
  • Room constructed to provide one-hour fire protection;
  • Double knock fire detection and inert gas suppression systems to provide protection to server equipment;
  • Fire detection system enhancements by the installation of a single zone VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm);
  • Installation of an iMeter environmental monitoring system (EMS), providing temperature and humidity along with cooling and UPS monitoring.


2bm worked efficiently and professionally throughout the whole project giving us total confidence in their ability to deliver under
testing time-scales.

We will definitely be engaging with the 2bm team for our future projects to meet the business demands on IT
as it expands.

Andy Jones, Head of IT

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