2bm upgrade an existing data centre into a new HPC facility

University of Warwick

Since 1982, the University of Warwick Science Park (UWSP) has provided an attractive, well-equipped environment for knowledge and technology-based businesses to grow.

The Science Park is a supportive environment with access to research and resources from the University of Warwick as well as an experienced in-house business support team.

The new HPC facility was built specifically for use by an academic department outside the campus and was fundamental to the success of their projects.


2bm were successful in tendering for the upgrade of a data centre together with the creation of a new HPC facility at the University of Warwick’s Argent Court Science Park. The upgrade involved improving the existing electrical and mechanical infrastructure so that the data centre could support the additional load, increase the site’s efficiency and at the same time maintain its redundancy.

As well as the upgrade work, the project also involved the creation of an HPC Data Centre by converting and upgrading an existing room – including the replacement of the entire UPS system for a more efficient solution. There was also a requirement to match the aesthetics of the existing Data Centre.


The data centre design posed exciting challenges including creating the most energy-efficient solution possible. 2bm has a very successful track record of providing 100% free air-cooling systems that always takes advantage of new technologies and best practices in order to provide the best possible solution in terms of energy efficiency and resilience.


Our detailed response closely followed the evaluation criteria as set out in the M&E specification and associated drawings together with a separate cooling system for the HPC equipment. Our equipment selection and overall design and included:

  • Removal of Existing services with the Current Store Room / proposed HPC Data Centre;
  • Installation of new General lighting and power with the proposed HPC room;
  • New IT A&B PDUs within HPC room fed for the exiting UPS output LV panel;
  • New dual rack supplies at 63 Amp three-phase, two per rack location;
  • Fire Suppression and detection within the HPC room;
  • Installation of new HPC chilled water distribution pipework within the HPC Room with flexible connections to each rack location;
  • New extract and fresh air ventilation to the HPC room;
  • New MCC panel to provide controls for the new cooling system;
  • Existing main LV and UPS output panel upgrades for additional output protective devices and ATS modifications;
  • Replacement of the existing UPS system to four new energy-efficient NX 300kVA/kWA including new batteries;
  • Provide all associated builders works including trenching, bases, removal of old chiller compound, new fencing etc;
  • Provide new external Adiabatic cooling equipment and external pump system;
  • Provide new package containerised standby generator and associated fuel tank;
  • Provide 2no. HPC dedicated (elevated water temperature) hybrid adiabatic coolers plus all pipework to rack locations / N+1 system pumps / SNMP controls etc to support 400 kW HPC load;
  • The installation of seven 2bm SAR racks;
  • The installation of 14 x RDHX rear door coolers to provide up to 40 kW of cooling per door;
  • Provide all new electrical protection devices, energy meters, sub mains and cable containment systems to provide all necessary/appropriate power supplies to all equipment rack A&B Supplies;
  • Provide two essential 400A PDU’s within the HPC room fed from the existing 400A MCCBs, which in turn feeds all power to data racks, gas suppression, HVAC equipment etc Modify and provide additional security works to the existing intruder and access control systems;
  • Provide general/emergency lighting, utility power and fire alarm to the new HPC Room;
  • Commission completed the installation and carry out a soak test once HPC cooling equipment is installed.


Completion time
The entire project was completed within the agreed timescale of just 14 weeks.


Right from the start 2bm have been exemplary. The project team were engaging and very approachable – and they know their stuff. From their attention to detail to their technical ability, the entire team – from the site manager to the sales director –
have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Andy Hanif – Data Centre Manager, Argent Court University of Warwick

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