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Formed in 2022, 2bm has been a specialist in the design, build and upgrade of data centres for leading companies worldwide.

Our knowledge and expertise in data centre design and build solutions have earned us the loyalty of clients that return, time and time, because they value our work ethic, our attention to detail and our determination to ensure quality projects are delivered on time and on budget

2bm’s mission is to create the best data centre solutions for your organisation using our knowledge and highly technical skills.

Expertise – Decades of experience in delivering top-tier data centres.

Innovation – Cutting-edge technology and design methodologies.

Reliability – Commitment to quality and dependability in every project.

2bm's data centre and comms room services

Design – Customised data centre designs that optimize efficiency, security, and scalability.

Build – Comprehensive construction services that ensure your data centre is built to the highest standards.

Upgrades & expansions – Advanced upgrades to enhance the performance and capacity of your existing data centre.

Service & maintenance – Keeping the data centre components and environment in excellent health

Custom-Fit Data Centre Solutions

Our designs are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. Experience unparalleled performance with scalable infrastructures that grow with your business.

Expertise and Innovation

With over 22 years of industry experience and partnerships with top technology providers, we bring innovative and certified solutions to your data centre projects, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital age.

End-to-End Project Management

Seamless End-to-End Service – From concept to completion, we manage every aspect of your data centre build. Our all-inclusive approach ensures a smooth transition, so you can focus on your business while we handle the rest.

Our industry sector case studies

  • Health and medical research

    One of the most satisfying sectors that we at 2bm, work with. Hospitals, Trusts and the Medical Research Council are some of the many institutes we have built data centres for within this sector. Supporting the treatment of patients and research into future cures is what drives us to deliver the most cost effective, resilient and environmentally friendly facilities in the world, no matter the location.

  • Food and drink industry

    At 2bm we like our food and occasionally we love a drink, especially if it's from one of the fifteen companies in this sector that we work with, from design and build projects in food processing factories to breweries and food outlets and retail. We understand the challenges associated and the rewards that come with completing a project in this sector.

  • Finance

    Keeping the lights on in this sector is non-negotiable and 2bm's DCIM, monitoring and maintenance platforms support some of the largest financial institutes in the world, we have a fine history of projects in the finance sector and we’re proud of it.

  • Education

    As a trusted supplier of the NEUPC Universities framework, 2bm continues to provide knowledge and support to higher education and research. We have designed, built and maintained some of the country's most prestigious research-led data centre facilities.

  • IT and technology

    2bm has been driving technology in the data centre since we began. As a result, we have worked with some of the largest and most renowned names in the fast paced world of IT and technology. We will continue to drive the advancement of supporting infrastructure which enables the hardware and the companies that make it to thrive.

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Bringing you the latest innovative products, news and expert knowledge
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