Data Centre Security


Controlling who goes where and when

The security of any ICT facility is of paramount importance. It is not uncommon for multiple people to need access to the numerous racks that house copious amounts of critical data. But whilst great thought is given to controlling access to the computer room, the security of the actual computer rack is often overlooked.

Whilst it is one thing to control access, it is another to monitor and audit the rack access; something a simple locking mechanism cannot offer.

The security measures you put in place should seek to ensure that:

  • Only authorised people can access, alter, disclose or destroy personal data
  • Those people only act within the scope of their authority
  • If personal data is accidentally lost, altered or destroyed, it can be recovered to prevent any damage or distress to the individuals concerned

2bm is able to advise on a wide range of locking options including:

  • Individual key per cabinet
  • Combination lock
  • Electronic access control with full audit

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