Server Fortress

The Server Fortress is a space efficient alternative to caging, to secure critical or sensitive servers, racks and data.

The benefits of a Server Fortress when compared to caging are three-fold due to:

  1. The space that security cages take up
  2. Their inflexible nature
  3. Problems they cause for air containment systems

Saving floor space allows more revenue to be generated per square meter. In addition, the structure can be fitted anywhere within the data centre in rows or standalone, and is fully-flexible if requirements change.

The Server Fortress is an amalgamation of a conventional safe with the functionality of a 19’’ server rack.

Design features

  • 2mm thick steel housing completely seam welded and dressed
  • Vented front and rear doors cannot be opened, even if hinges are ground off
  • Three point locking bars
  • Unique double screened vented doors blocks visibility
  • Front air sealing frame to stop internal recirculation of hot air
  • Fully adjustable front and rear 19’’ panels mounts allow even the biggest servers and storage systems to be mounted inside
  • Both power and data cables can enter via the top, sides or rear

Server Fortress

Standard dimensions

  • Height 2,050mm (excluding the secure top cable ducting system)
  • Width 750mm
  • Depth 1,200mm (excluding door handles)
  • ‘U’ mounting height 42U