E-LINE by DIRAK gives you complete management control over who has access to individual racks with a full audit trail.

The Mechatronic locks for Racks (MLR) handles can be integrated into existing security management systems of used alongside the E-LINE by DIRAK Administration Suite.

E-LINE by DIRAK is specialised and handle-centric, providing intelligent locking mechanisms that go further than the standard key lock. The sophisticated software, although feature-rich and complex is highly adaptable and easy to use.

Of course different handles are needed for different organisations.  2bm has even travelled all the way to Austin, TX to install the DIRAK systems for ARM. Other 2bm customers who now have fitted DIRAK handles include: Capgemini, IBM, MOD, Redbridge Borough Council, Oberthurs, Nationwide, BskyB, Met Police…

As the sole UK distributor of DIRAK, 2bm’s in house technical team have the facilities to both install and offer on-going support.

eline by dirak


Benefits of E-LINE by DIRAK and the administration suite

  • Ability to grant admission rights
  • Logs all events for complete audit control and security investigations
  • Wide range of options (time, days, organisations, etc) to control access to every rack
  • Real time alerts can be forwarded to email addresses – enables checks for breaches in security i.e. if the door is locked but accidentally left open
  • Four-eyes capability – requirement that two authorized people must be present
  • Automated programming – schedule the door to open at a certain time. Then if the door is left open over a certain length of time, an alarm can be set off
  • LEDs integrated – handle can be set to turn red if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold

eline by dirak

A handle tailored to your facility


  • For a wide variety of enclosures, server cabinets and doors from various manufacturers
  • They are ideal for electronically expanding and managing an existing mechanical locking system in a room or anywhere else where the MLR3000 does not fit


  • For universal, decentralised uses, both for server and data cabinets as well as locker doors, individual drawers or similar in indoor areas
  • Each has its own IP address, which allows widely separated and previously purely mechanical systems to be expanded and managed electronically – which also includes those systems where the MLR5000 cannot be used because it does not fit in the existing cut-outs.


  • Designed to be used with large number of racks in close proximity i.e. large corporations and colocations
  • One IP address can serve up to 32 swing handles


  • Designed to monitor and manage racks in decentralized locations
  • Each handle has own IP address


Two factor authentication

The newest edition to the MLR product range is two-factor authentication. The KP versions offer all the features of the original but with the addition of a keypad providing an extra preventative barrier of entry. Opening consists of either entering a valid keypad code or alternatively by using a valid RFID card; or both.

MLR3000 KP 

  • Well suited for use in rooms with many server cabinets
  • Ideal choice for cooling alleys

MLR5000 KP 

  • Each handle has its own IP address
  • Ideal choice when racks are distributed across different rooms and/or buildings

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