Safely store what you have, do what you previously couldn’t, get ready for what’s ahead

When it comes to protecting and extending the life of your data centre, monitoring and security go hand in hand.

Having the ability to monitor and track change, whether that is achieved through the implementation of specialised software, hardware and sensors, that will enable a common, real-time monitoring and management platform, or through electronic access controls and full audit trails, will present a much clearer picture of your data centre.

Monitoring provides the data centre operator with the ability to benchmark power usage, as well as be alerted to any potential issues or changes in the critical environment as and when they happen. In a similar way, surely it also makes sense to give yourself more eyes and ear in terms of your data centre’s security too.

Although business owners and IT Managers alike have been on high alert against cyber threats for some time, there has since developed an increasing attitude that it is about time that physical security should also play catch up, particularly as it is not uncommon for multiple people to need access to numerous racks that house copious amounts of critical data.

Breaches to physical security can lead to vandalism or theft of critical and expensive equipment, interruptions to service and confidential information potentially falling into the wrong hands.

A layered approach should be taken to physically securing the data centre, as often great thought is given to controlling access to the computer room, however the security of the actual computer rack can often be overlooked. Dependent on specific and individual requirements, your organisation’s strategy towards physically securing your computer room and its critical infrastructure should include a combination of the following: CCTV cameras, perimeter fences, external barriers, alarms, appropriately-rated doors, security staff and integrated access control systems.