The smartest data centres are ready for the future we don’t know

2bm are one of the fastest growing providers of innovative data centre design and build services, specialising in the design, build, refurbishment and upgrade of computer rooms and data centres.

  • New Build

    We pride ourselves on our ability to install, supply and commission new facilities to the highest spec without compromising the quality of the build.

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  • Updating Legacy Data Centres

    Many legacy facilities are struggling to provide businesses resilience and business continuity. Find out how we can help.

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  • High Performance Computing

    2bm is the ideal place to help address the need for High Performance Computing and the resultant demands that it places on your data centre.

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  • Data Centre Migration

    At 2bm we endeavour to cut the complexity of relocating highly sensitive and high value IT equipment, translating your challenges into an effective and safe relocation which minimises disruption and downtime.

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  • CFD Modelling

    Retrofitted into an existing facility or built new, CFD analysis brings value when capacity plannings by highlighting hotspots and offering insight as to how airflow is directed around the room.

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  • Data Centre Optimisation

    Knowledge is power with data centre assessments and optimisation. When you understand how something works, you understand how to make it better.

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