Cyber security — the hottest topic at Manchester’s IP Expo 2017

IP Expo Manchester is Europe’s number one enterprise IT event series. On the 26th and 27th of April, thousands of industry figures will flock to Manchester Central to learn about and discuss the technology that is changing the ways in which we work.

The most represented topic at this year’s event is the growing issue of cyber security, with visitors given the opportunity to attend seminars on everything from “The State of Malware” to “How To Recover From a Ransomware Infection; LIVE”. There will also be a guest speaker in the form of former FBI-wanted hacker Kevin Mitnick (now of Mitnick Security), who will explain how data is regularly stolen by cyber criminals over public Wi-Fi networks.

Security is a key component of all 2bm products and services, and we believe that achieving a combination of rock-solid digital and physical security is vitally important in every data centre. It is therefore an exciting opportunity for us to once again attend this fantastic event and meet the individuals and organisations who are pioneering our industry. We hope to transfer the knowledge gathered by our team at IP Expo into the continuous evolution of our current offering.