architects of data centre change

2bm specialises in the design, build, refurbishment and upgrade of computer rooms and data centres. We’re growing as fast as new technology moves.

To some innovation is a Friday afternoon afterthought; to us, it’s a daily part of staying ahead of the game. We have to think uniquely because your data centre is unique to you. It helps you do your own work, to your own standards, towards your specific goals. If it doesn’t, it should. And that’s where we get interested in your business.

Our value to your facility starts with the change you want to make, the time you have to make it, and the budget you have to spend. It ends up giving you a data centre that’s entirely fit for – and perfectly tailored towards – your daily operations.

  • We stay familiar with emerging technologies because we want to know what’s out there to help us improve your data centre efficiency and running costs.
  • But we only recommend the best solution if it’s the right one for your way or working – your money isn’t ours to waste.
  • And we don’t overstay our welcome by disrupting your business; we simply get the job done so you can get on with yours.

If you see business as astute working practices and people, perfectly in tune with innovative technology, maybe you can see 2bm as a like-minded partner.