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Faccenda Foods

After successfully supplying consumers with good food for over six decades; Faccenda, an industry leading UK food business delivers quality fresh and convenience food solutions to the UK retail and food service sectors every day.

The offices at Faccenda were due to be refurbished and with expansion of the factory on the horizon, moving the data centre from a key area was seen as a vital step to an efficient layout of the estate.


Following a successful disaster recovery server room build in 2016, 2bm was approached to discuss the requirements for the main on site data centre, with challenges such as a Christmas deadline, the first floor location, live conditions and a busy office environment only five meters from the new room.

With exciting expansion plans on the horizon, a large area that could be better utilised for day to day operations of the business was being used for server and network equipment. It was decided that this data centre must be moved to accommodate changes.

The old data centre had been underutilised with the comings of new more efficient equipment in recent years and with careful planning a more cost effective and future proof environment could be built.


Fortunately, 2bm had been approached with these possible changes in mind and as such had the opportunity to consult based on the requirements. This enabled us to create a space in the office environment that was fit for purpose without taking unnecessary and excess space.

A practical completion date of 23rd December 2017 to enable the networks team to move kit straight into the new data centre in the new year. From a cooling and power perspective we were faced with the all too familiar challenge of a very small day one load compared with a large change by the time 6 months have rolled around.


We were provided with the exact space requested at initial planning phase which made the installation as smooth as possible.

Communication from the Faccenda project team was outstanding which helped us deliver on time and further cemented an already excellent working relationship.

Based on the infrastructure plans and space allowances presented to 2bm we designed a scalable in rack cooling solution perfectly tuned to the day one requirements. Fortunately for the purpose of streamlining maintenance visits and reducing ongoing costs these were very similar cooling power technologies as we had previously installed at the disaster recovery site.


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