2017 at 2bm

With 2018 fast approaching, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on our 2017 successes.

Enhancing the team

This year we have worked hard to improve and evolve team 2bm, with the size of our Design and Build team increasing significantly. Our former Internal Account manager Mark Lester has joined the Field Sales Team  to further enhance our reach of the UK.

Award winners

Once again, 2bm retained our Green Award from Investors in the Environment for our environmentally friendly approach to business, following a 90% reduction in paper use and a 15% reduction in electricity usage.

The award was collected at Nottingham’s Hilton Hotel by our green champion Luke Radford, who said,

“As a region we are thriving in this field and sustainable business is definitely something to celebrate! As a business it is great to receive another stamp of approval for all the hardwork that has gone into 2bm’s Environmental Management System.”

More exciting projects

2017 brought a host of new clients to 2bm, along with some equally ground-breaking projects. In fact, we started work on a new build every single month this year! Our project with NGC gave our technicians the opportunity to work in a ‘live’ environment when upgrading their cooling and UPS systems, while our new build project for a highly secure hospital and our Turnkey project for HBL saw us undertaking complex yet rewarding work on time and on budget. Another particularly memorable project was the deployment of a data centre container in Sub Saharan Africa.

This year saw 2bm win more HPC projects than ever before, an area we have a lot of experience. Our partnership with DIRAK also flourished; In 2017, we installed over 1000 E-Line handles and ran a successful DIRAK marketing campaign with the help of Three Sixty Media.

Commenting on the year, our director Mark King said,

“2017 has been an incredible year for 2bm, we’ve seen growth in data centre D&B bolstered by our growing technical team, the data centre Maintenance arm of the business is going from strength to strength and our offering is fantastic.

“We’ve found our partnership with Dirak to be very rewarding with the uptake in data centre security requirements growing monthly, The whole 2bm team have been bringing new ideas to the table to keep our business on the front foot, always innovating and improving.

Thank you to clients, both existing and new for putting the trust of your critical facilities in the hands of 2bm. We are already looking  forward to an even more successful 2018 with a number of projects ready to kick off in January. Merry Christmas!”